I love movies. Good movies and bad movies. Westerns and Noirs. Action and 80's action (which due to utter lack of concern for suspension of disbelief is a different genre).

Pre-kids, DearWife and I would go see movies a lot. Back then the negotiations were easier. I could go see "The Piano" and know that soon enough I'd go see a movie with some redeeming qualities soon thereafter. When we do have a sitter, half the time our first instinct is to get chores done sans kids. The rest of the time generally results in 15 minutes of complaining of the lack of interesting movies to see, followed by intense negotiations. Our last such episode resulted in a 1-1 trade. She saw Underworld with me, I saw Brokeback with her. We each think the other got the best of the trade.

Now that I'm spending 1.4 hours on the train every day, I can watch movies on the train. So I (finally) signed up for Netflix. Let me tell you. It's the fucking bomb (I'm about 2 years late with that phrase aren't I?). How do I love Netflix? Let me count the ways:

  • No trips to rental store ever.
  • Very solid recommendations based on your ratings.
  • You can see what your pals thought of movies.
  • You put a movie in your que and then forget about it
  • Since you are not paying for individual movies, there's less 'pressure' on each movie choice.
I find that I watch different types of movies with NetFlix than I would going to the rental place. It would be hard for me to go to the video store and pick up "Bad Day at Black Rock." DW won't want to watch it. Am I sure I'll be able to see it before it's due? Will I have time to return it after I watch it?

It pisses me off to no end when we rent a movie and don't watch it. So most of the time I'll get fewer movies, or movie I know DW will want to see. Oh, and then there's the fact that the video store won't even have most of the movies I want to see.

NetFlix has rolled out RSS feeds. But unfortunately, the one I really want is "Movies I reviewed" and that doesn't' exist. So shortly, you'll be able to see what movies I'm watching and what's in my que. I'm sure you're all waiting on bated breath.


Kel said...

Well, I have no comment today.

In fact, I am fearful that WC may read your blog today.

But I did add you to my sidebar nonetheless . . .

Muskyboy said...

Khyle..you watch to much TV