LittleBrother is in full-on mama's boy mode. He's only 17 months, so I'm not saying I'm worried. But it is both amusing and annoying.

It's amusing when I can say "LittleBrother, do you want Mommy or Daddy to change your diaper?" It's a trick question: he can't even say Daddy, only Da-Da. Which is odd, because I'm not into Dada at all.

For DearWife the transition from amusing to annoying can be quick. One moment, he's running into her arms wanting to hug her. The next, he's screaming because she's three feet away. Can you imagine? Three feet!

Tonight is, as many faithful readers may recall, BodyPump night. LittleBrother was in a tired mood all night. So he was unhappy when she had the gall to go upstairs and change - for five whole minutes. When she got down, he was temporarily calm. But when he realized she was leaving, he felt tricked. He tried to take off her coat.

Then when DW suggested that he wave to her, he was cool. I asked BigBrother if he wanted to wave bye-bye to Mommy. "NOOOO we have to read the Big Bad Wolf." When we went out to gather LittleBrother, BigBrother was inconsolable because Mommy was gone. Then LittleBrother got upset.

My goal for the night was to survive the initial fit throwing, and have fun with them before they had to go to bed. I successfully got LittleBrother distracted by zurburing his belly. Then we played around on the floor. He was positively giddy. Until he wasn't. Then he cried for mama. A couple minutes later, I distracted him by throwing him into the air. Giddy again. When I was done, he knew. The exact moment my arms didn't do the upswing (no joke) he cried out for mama.

Early bed night for LittleBrother.


Muskyboy said...

What's fun is when mom leaves, kid screams for 3 hours. Stops 1 minute before she gets home and Mom can't understand why you look like hell.

Kel aka monkeydragon said...

hehehe - I still remember the first time I left WC with Maraya (to go to the freakin' teddy bear show with HIS mother) and the look on his face when I got back - she was still beet red from screaming and he handed her to me and got in the shower without saying a WORD!

BUT I now have 2 daddy's girls . . . sigh

See, I was suppose to have sons who adored me - but I got the whole mother/daughter trauma IN STEREO!

And BTW, I like the whole concept of Dada - but then it is the whole being difficult thing -

Woodchuck said...

And just wait, soon they will scream beacuse DW is standing only 3 feet away and should be at least 10 feet or more.