Turnabout is (not) fair play

A couple months ago, DearWife took the kids to McDonalds after a playdate. So there were a couple moms and a few kids playing in the playground. It was his third trip to McDs.

BigBrother went up to one of the women there:

BB: Sharing is nice.
Mom: Yes, sharing is very nice.
BB: Can I share your fries.

Yesterday, we had Hershey's kisses in the house, and we gave him one or four. He came to sit on my lap while he ate one.

Me: Is sharing nice?
BB: Yes, sharing is nice.
Me: Can I share your chocolate?
BB: Thinks
BB: plops chocolate in mouth
BB: sorry, it's all gone

Kid is smart.


Woodchuck said...

LOL.....Chocolate and wanting to be named Laura, I see a pattern starting.
Give him a Twinkie and the remote control and set him in front of any of the final four games...that should snap him out of it.

Kel said...

You. Have. Your. Hands. Full.

My kids learned early - I don't share my ice cream or my chocolate

I will share the chores

and vegetables

and the more you complain the more I share ;)