My name is Laura

When we went to the aquarium a few weeks ago, we saw several scuba divers. BigBrother was fascinated by them. Two were 'girl' scuba divers and a couple were 'boy' scuba divers. So from time to time since then he says "I'm a lady scuba diver." He plays like he's swimming around in the ocean. Every once in a while he works himself into the Titanic story that's he's still obsessed with.

DearWife finally got out of him that he thinks he's a lady scuba diver because he doesn't have a beard. "How can I be a man scuba diver without a beard?" His grandfathers and I all have facial hair.

Finally the other night, I pointed out that he has certain equipment that lady scuba diver's don't have. "Then I must be a boy scuba diver!" Breakthrough. Two minutes later: "I'm a lady scuba diver."

Today, DearWife sends me an email. They're listening to a Raffi song (which is generally only allowed when I'm not there). "Freddie's gonna fix it with his hammer. Laura's going to fix it with her pliers."

BB: "Is Laura's a girls name?"
DW: "Yes, Laura is a girls name. Freddie is a boy's name."
BB: "But Laura is a girls name?"
DW: "Yes."
BB: "I'm LAURA!"


Kel said...

hmm, maybe you are just taking this too literally, maybe he just liked watching the girl divers better ;)

and on the other hand, if he is "Laura" this works out better for him in the whole Titanic thing - women and children first . . .

better just blame Raffi for the whole mix up

Woodchuck said...

That's too funny. You have to love kids.