Change in perspective

I got on my train this afternoon, and took my seat. I booted up my laptop, and started to write a post about some things that annoyed me today.

The homeless man in the bathroom yelling at the urinal "get yo black ass outta here" who minutes later was hugging the hand dryer like it was his long lost mother.

The guy with a big cast on his left leg, but who was favoring his right.

The guy at Caribou who go to the front of the line and said "Hmm. Let's see. I want a flavored latte, but I don't know what kind." How do you wait for 5 minutes, and not know what you want?

Anyway, it's all very petty, but I find my own quirks amusing. Before we left, the intercom crackled. It was the conductor.

"I've been asked to make an announcement. There has been an accident on this line near Buffalo Grove, man vs. train. We're not sure if there are going to be delays, so feel free to make other arrangements."

Why do they always say man vs. train or man vs. car. It's not a contest - I mean has a man ever 'won' a collision with a train? No.

I decided against working on the post, and instead finished up watching eXistenZ (bad bad bad), and plugged in Dracula (actually bad too). As we got nearer to the site of the accident, things got a little weird. Maybe it was the movie I was watching. Everyone seemed to be happy, near giddy. Smiling, joking, drinking more beer than usual. "That guy was an idiot. It was the THIRD car back."

The intercom: "We're just waiting for the coroner, and we'll be on our way."

Their faces seemed to grow longer and more pointed with each laugh. I wanted this to be their way of dealing with death. But it wasn't. It was just another day, another thing to talk about. We stopped to pick up passengers from the train that hit the person, and were on our way a scant 40 minutes later.

I could hear conversations over the movie. "Carrie Wood isn't quite throwing a simulated game yet." "Did you see the show last night?" "Who was cut from American Idol." I couldn't stop thinking of what it would be like to not see my boys grow up. How sad it must be for the family of the person who got killed. How callous my train mates were being.

When I got off the train, I walked to the car, and tried to back out of my space. There was a huge SUV blocking my way, inching forward and back to get the right angle to get out of the little space. "God Damn SUV's" I thought. Back to reality.


Kel said...

oh, some days it is the petty bitching that keeps us going

when I got to the school today to pick up Elleah we had a bit of police action as there was an Amber Alert - girl abducted not far from where we live in a major intersection - except clothing the description matched Elleah - there are still helicopters overhead and patrol cars in the area

Woodchuck said...

Ok, on the SUV thing,
If you can not drive a SUV a park it like it's a compact car....get a smaller car. All of these stupid people running around in a big SUV with one kid in the back taking up two parking spaces because they can not figure out how to swing wide and "OMG, I'm within 3 feet of hitting that car" freak out....They should all drive a Yugo. herrumupph. off soap box now.

Khyle said...

The thing that irritates me is that they can't park well, they can't drive well, but they don't ever think: Hey, why don't I park a few spots down, where there is room.

Muskyboy said...

Well I guess I will make sure I don't park my truck anywhere near you. I have used the bump technique a few times.