There's nothing like a little distance to give you perspective. No matter how much I try and remember how lucky I am, how amazing my family is, how much I enjoy our life together, I still have moments.

BigBrother might fight and fight and not let me get him dressed before bed. The kids splash water all over the bathroom. BigBrother has an accident without saying he had to use the bathroom. Small small things. But there are times when I get home after a long days work + commute and these things happen, and it's frustrating.

So as lame as last week was, it made the return that much better. Both kids were ecstatic to see me. BigBrother was trying to make me laugh the whole way home from the airport. I told him I loved him soo much. He giggled and said "Whatever THAT means." DearWife and I both laughed out loud. So every once in a while BB would say "Whatever THAT means" and the whole car would be filled with laughter.

It's DW's and my anniversary today - #14. It's truly amazing to me to think how different we were when we met & got married. How different we were even before we had kids. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have found DW and married her. I cannot imagine a life without her and our children.

She is a wonderful caring mother who always puts her kids above herself. She amazes me every day. Happy Anniversary honey.


Dear Wife said...

Awwww! Happy Anniversary to you too. I am a lucky girl.

P.S. BB has been wishing me - and random people at the grocery store - a Happy Anniversary all day.

Woodchuck said...

Happy Anniversary......

14 years ago in March for me and my better half.

Kel said...

Happy Anniversary to you BOTH!

Muskyboy said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Muskyboy said...

It occurred to me that my oldest was born shortly before you got married. Which also means he is a year younger than I was when I met Momma Musky. Scary, damn do I feel old.