They are doing their best

Post #3 of the day...

Back when we first adopted BigBrother, DW signed up for emails from a baby web site. They'd say things like "Your child should be starting to turn over now.........BUY SOME STUFF FROM OUR WEBSITE." Interesting little tidbits of information. Why she needed theses emails, I'll never know, becauase she has a full blown library of books on child rearing.

Anyway, she signed up again when she got pregnant with LittleBrother. The emails keep coming until the kids are two. I think. Yesterday, she got an email which read in part:

Your toddler can probably hop off the bottom step of a staircase by throwing one foot forward and letting the other follow. But true jumping, where both feet leave the ground at the same time and then land squarely, is a skill that requires excellent balance so it may take a few more months to master.

Uh, sure. That email was exactly right - two months or so ago. Right now, I don't really freak out unless he's jumping off the 5th step. He's mastered the jump from 4-2-floor with a stuntman's fall. The kids latest sport is jumping off the love seat for distance. Photo evidence:




MIL said...

Great motion and stunt shots!!!! Sure enjoyed yur latest posts!!!

Kel said...

so, am I the only one noticing that DW only let him post blurry pictures! (dude, you didn't win this one)

ok, yeah - I'm done now . . .

rapid fire posting - and most excellent!

Dear Wife said...

Yeah, but you can still totally tell what adorable little geniuses they are. No?

Kel said...

darn tootin' they're cute! ;)