I love cars

The title is sarcastic. So our Camry is on life support. We have a guy we trust doing the work on it. So this is in no way a condemnation of the mechanic. But we have to pay $400 for the right to know if our car is dead or alive. "I need to replace the belt and water pump. But it might not work even after that." So we're close to the go or no go for the mini van. At least there is a financing incentive with Toyota now. It wouldn't be completely awful if we had to do that.

Since we're at one car, DearWife and the kids dropped me off at the train today. I almost didn't survive. As I've mentioned before, I am not a good passenger. The kids had just woken up and were still pretty crabby. LittleBrother had to have DW do everything for him. Open the cereal bar. Take the wrapper away.

The entire time, DW was drinking coffee, and giving and taking things from LB. I don't remember what else she was doing, but there was a lot of handless driving. I closed my eyes and tried to do that monk thing where they medidate and bring down their blood pressure. That might be something I just made up. Not sure.

We did arrive in one piece. I got to kiss the kids and DW goodbye. Tonight, they'll pick me up, and we'll drop off DW at bodypump. Can't. Miss. Bodypump.


Got the new TV on Friday. The DVDs look great. Now we're just hoping to get the HD DVR installed before next Sunday's game. By we I mean I...DW has reserved judgement on the new TV until that happens.

When we installed the TV downstairs, we moved our 32" SDTV to our bedroom. We need a bigger bedroom. As DW put it last night as she was trying to go to sleep, "it lights up the whole room."

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Woodchuck said...

I'm with you on the "not a good passenger" thing. In the first 14.5 years of marriage, my DW drove maybe 10 miles with me in the car. Since buying her a new car about 4 months ago, you can take that 10 miles and times it by 4 or 5.

I was working with a new guy in California last week and we had to drive to Phoenix for a show. Now please remember that it is his company truck that we are in. I took the keys and said, I'll drive. And I did drive all the way to Phoenix and did all of the driving around town until he took me to the airport. Heck, I'd even fly the plane if they would let me.