The mechanic called tonight. The car is alive. We need to spend about $400 more on new brakes and ... and ... I don't know, some stuff. I did some quick math in my head, and all the repairs would come out to about 1 payment on the 'pimped' out Mini-Van we were going to get. So the 'xanadu-mobile' has been put on hold.


Like Father...

As I've mentioned before, there are certain things I don't like even though I've never actually tried them.

LB is what I'd consider a picky eater. Some days he'll only eat meat. Some days he will only eat bread. He will not try some foods. This morning, somehow, DW got him to eat cantaloupe for the first time. He loved it.


I just found out that one of my fondly remembered books from childhood is getting made into a movie. The book is called "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day." I really like Viorst's books. I think she really really touches on what it's like to be a kid.

Cinematical asks which book from childhood you'd want to see made into a movie. The only one that comes to mind for me is "Horrible Hepzibah" about a 'girl who grows up to be happily mean.' I really wish I could find a better link, but you can't even buy the book on Amazon any more.


I was walking to the train today. If you have ever worked in the Loop, you know traffic signals are more suggestions than rules. I was crossing on a red light when all of a sudden a woman bumped into me. She apologized. I apologized. Since I am socially awkward absent alcohol, I used my long legs to my advantage and sped along.

I just couldn't shake her. "I'm so short you didn't even see me huh?"

"Uh, no I just wasn't paying attention."
"Oh, well I once got a ticket for stray-walking in California. I just stepped off the curb and the guy I was with said 'no not there' but it was too late and I got a ticket."

At this point I was certain she was a sales person.

Her: "Where do you work?"
Me: "Uh, physically?"

Right now you are thinking "I'm shocked he didn't date much in High School." As it turns out I was right. She works for an IT staffing company (what and me being an IT staffer, what are the odds). She tried to get my card (which I wasn't carrying), and made me promise to email her so she could buy me Starbucks.


edP said...

If and when you do get the mini van - it has to be named Xanadu-Mobile

Anonymous said...

Email her, get the free Starbucks. What's the worst that could happen here, she could offer you a job for more money, closer to home and shorter hours?

Ya right.