My short happy life as a Swimsuit model

One of our good friends happens to be the Director of Marketing for Key Lime Cove. It's an indoor water park in Gurnee. And if you know Gurnee, you know there is a dearth of things to do there, so it is much needed. Anyways, they were doing a photo shoot and recruited some local people to participate. So we got the call.

The shoot went off pretty well. Basically the photographer let the kids play with us, and took pictures as they were having fun. There were some amusing moments as the art director kept trying to direct the photog to get what he thought the best light was. Watching the photographer keep his cool was fun in and of itself.

As for the park itself, I thought it was really fun. It has all the things you need in an indoor water park: wave pool, lazy river, toddler areas, huge water slides. We stayed longer than I really anticipated because we were having so much fun.

We didn't eat much while we were there, preferring just to get hot dogs and fries for the kids. But the food we ate was really good. Unfortunately I can't comment on the prices, because, you know we got in free.

They have a couple promenades that have various stores and food places. There was a guy showing off a parrot talking to the kids as they waited to check in.

Overall, I would say that if indoor water parks are your thing, you should check out Key Lime Cove.