Children's Book - Owl Moon

Cover of Cover of Owl MoonIn our house, we have hundreds upon hundreds of books for our kids. We've read all of them about 80 times. That's a lot of reading.

So I thought I would pass along reviews once in a while. I'm starting with one of my all time favorites, Caldecott award winner "Owl Moon" by Jane Yolen.

It tells the story of a father and his daughter walking out into the snow covered hills near their home. They're going 'owling,' looking for a Great Horned owl. A simple walk in the woods is transformed into a great adventure in the eyes of the girl. You can tell really feel her excitement to be out after bed time in the cold with her Dad.

The book is also sentimental - and I'm a sap for sentimental books. Reading the book reminds me of time I spent in the winters on my Grandparents' farms. It reminds me of how extraordinary every day things can be to children

My kids love examining the pictures to find all the hidden animals. Even though the father doesn't really *say* anything in the book, I always like books with fathers in them. There are too many books that eliminate the father, often times without explanation. So it's refreshing to see stories with Father\Child bonding.

The story is so calming, that it is the perfect book to read before bed. It's highly recommended.

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